April 02, 2020

The secret formula for ensuring full strategic alignment of your marketing team and goals measurement

March 26, 2020

How to set realistic, integrated marketing goals that fully align your marketing strategy, plan and campaigns

March 19, 2020

Define marketing goals and never lose sight of them

Why do marketers need to set clear goals and stick to them

Marketing is one of the most strategic functions of a company when executed...

March 13, 2020

Like many leaders, I was searching for answers about how to deal with the cancellation of every major physical event in our marketing plan. I decided to tap into a great network called AnyExcuse,...

March 10, 2020

With (moderate, grudging) apologies for the pun, let's ground this release in the life of a marketer and why Plannuh's new, multi-faceted filters and tagging can help them so much. One of the...

March 03, 2020

As the world prepares for the spread of COVID-19, marketing leaders need to develop a plan for corporate communications, employee and contractor safety, and potential changes to their marketing...

February 06, 2020

Seed Round Co-Led by Glasswing Ventures and Google's AI-focused Fund, Gradient Ventures, Will Be Used To Supercharge R&D and Support Customer Success

January 13, 2020

Most marketing budgets are losing 0.8 - 2.1% of their budget to subtle forms of waste accumulated from numerous small issues. 

January 04, 2020

Great marketing plans are built on a foundation of goals that represent your most pressing business needs. But how do you define the right goals? It turns out that there are many common objectives...

December 17, 2019

First, there was the song “The 12 Days of Christmas.”  It was a wonderfully uplifting song, although I still have no idea what “lords leaping” and “maids milking” have to do with the holiday. ...

November 05, 2019

Today the average life expectancy of a CMO position is 3-5 years depending on the industry, the shortest lifespan of any of the members of the C-suite.  The reason for this? Too often CMOs find...